by Apr 24, 2021

Mrs. Catalina Del Real

 Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! My name is Catalina del Real and I am your child’s VPK-A teacher. Having been a VPK teacher for 15 years, I am excited about getting to know each and every one of your children this year. Originally, I moved here from Colombia, South America in 1992, and have actually been working with children in some capacity ever since. I truly feel this is my calling and I am so blessed to be working here at Miami Baptist School for my sixth year.

The beginning of the VPK year is primarily review and helping the children to understand the rules and procedures of their new environment. I will be focusing this month on social and emotional skills in dealing with new friends and new schedules. Since play is the first language of a child, I will make sure that they are always having fun in the process.


Our curriculum focuses on three major areas: Bible, Language Arts, and Math. We include Art, PE, Social Studies and Science along the way in our learning centers and during outdoor play, but our primary focus is the character and overall development of your child’s critical thinking skills. Immediately, your child will begin to recognize his/her name and various sight words around the room, as well as master the phonetic sounds of each letters of the alphabet. 

In Math they will begin to visually recognize the numbers 1-30, and be able to count, one-to-one correspondence, with those numbers as well. They will also learn about graphs, sorting, simple addition and subtraction with objects. Kids love Math!

 In regard to our Character Development Curriculum, we will begin this month by learning about how much God loves us and how we need to respect and obey Him and our parents, as that is what God desires in our lives.

Each month, you will see the “Star Student” who clearly exhibits the character traits that we have been working on throughout the month. Also, you will see a “Student of the Month” who is greatly improving in their academic studies. So, stay tuned to see if your child is the one to be highlighted in next month’s newsletter.

 We are looking forward to a great year.

God bless you greatly!

 Mrs. Catalina del Real