Meet our Director and Teachers

We want you to know more about the people you have entrusted your child’s care and education. Here is where you can get to understand who we are and what we truly believe in: The love and nurturing of our greatest treasure – our children, and most important to you  your child.

Miami Baptist School is established for the purpose of training up our children so they will know the way to go in this world. In a culture that is showing little conviction to see this way as the way God would have us go, it is private schools like MBS that are holding the line against the changing social, intellectual, and cultural influences that will shape our children’s future. We believe this includes our children’s eternal future as well.

The Director’s Chair, with Dr. Estelle Myers

Two Years Old, with Mrs Angelina Ortiz and Mrs. Krystel Fields

Young Three Years Old, with Mrs.Tania Torres

Older Three Years Old, with Mrs. Alessandra Myers and Mrs. Michelle Chavez.

VPK-A, with Mrs. Catalina del Real

VPK-B, with Mrs. Claudia Medina and Mrs. Susana Ferrer

Kindergarten, with Mrs. Cara Vera

1st Grade,